August 07, 2014
3D Printed Computer Memory Could Be Next Technological Step

3D printing has taken yet another leap forward with a staggering creation – Taiwanese researchers last week published research which demonstrated they had printed computer memory onto pieces of paper. Paper is, of course, one of the world’s most available resources, and if the researchers could make the solution viable, it would prove a total revelation in the world of memory technology.

With the aim to make a unique type of RRAM, the team in Taiwan first coated paper in layers of carbon. Each ‘bit’ on the paper would be insulator flanked by two electrodes which had a state of 1 or 0. Using a titanium dioxide to work as the ‘ink’, the team used a traditional ink-jet printer that had been modified to print dots which would act as the electrodes. 

The idea of the concept would be for a shopkeeper to be able to print labels for their stock with an embedded list of all products within certain boxes, or on certain shelves. These applications would be warehousing and manufacturing much more efficient and would have repercussion for the wider world of computer memory.

When the research was complete, the team had discovered that an 8.5 inch x 11 inch piece of paper could hold around 1MB of memory – and though there is still much more enhancement and honing to be done with regards to the new technology, the scientists in charge of the research maintained that in the future, a functional memory device could be printed off in the comfort of our own homes.

Justin Briere, of Data Memory Systems, which provides high-quality computer memory solutions to homes and businesses across the US, says, “This new research is just another example of the incredible work that’s going on in the field of computer memory as we search for a cheaper, faster, more viable solution to store the masses of data we now generate. Though at Data Memory Systems we won’t be selling paper memory for some time yet, we can guarantee that we’re always on top of the latest developments in the world RAM and flash memory, and we always offer our clients the leading products at the lowest prices.”

Data Memory Systems currently stocks hundreds of RAM memory solutions for both PC and Apple devices, as well as a number of extra storage options like memory cards and external hard drives. The leading provider is dedicated to quality and value for money, and it is their commitment to this ethos that puts them at the top of the tree when it comes to computer memory.

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