April 08, 2014
Data Memory Systems Examines Candidates To Replace Flash Storage


The search for a memory solution to replace flash storage is on, with US memory provider Data Memory Systems tracking the updates and developments at every turn, to ensure that they will be the first to deliver the new flash storage solution to their customers. With semiconductor manufacturers developing a myriad of solid-state technologies, the fight to see which solution will succeed conventional flash memory is on.


NAND manufacturing process sizes are reaching their outer limits, which is why there has been a steep downward trend in the prices of flash memory. Recently, however, famed supplier Samsung announced they would start producing NAND flash chips with 3D internal architecture. This sparked a new trend in flash memory, and other manufacturers set out to follow Samsung’s lead. But when 3D NAND flash reaches its limits, which will happen in around three or four years, what next?


The first candidate to take the place of flash memory is Resistive RAM – also known as ReRAM or RRAM. This method of storage saves data by flipping resistors between two stable states. It has a number of advantages over conventional NAND flash; it has a longer life span, lower power consumption and significantly higher performance levels. However, this method may not hit the market until NAND flash has fully come to the end of the road, and it may not be fast enough to compete with the other alternatives – SRAM and DRAM.


MRAM is also among the contenders, and it’s already being used as an SRAM alternative. It has high performance levels and a far longer life, but it’s set to be more expensive than all memory options on the market so far. One type of MRAM has recently entered volume production, and this may actually see prices come down eventually, making it a real contender.


Lastly, there’s phase-change memory, also known as PRAM or PCM. although it’s not currently in production, a number of big names in the memory industry, including Micron, IBM, Intel and Samsung, have been monitoring and investigating the memory solution for a number of years. It can be produced at small process sizes, making it great for regular consumers, and it heavily outperforms NAND flash memory in every sense. It could provide everything from standard consumer memory to ‘storage class’ memory that, if produced cost-effectively, could eventually replace SRAM, DRAM and NAND altogether.


The fight is on to see which method will win out. Many experts are making no predictions just yet; there have been many rumors and false starts around the development of these solutions, and none of them are willing to put their neck on the line and make the call on the future of flash memory. Data Memory Systems will continue to monitor the situation and will be the first to provide the most up-to-date computer memory solutions when they hit the market.


For more information about Data Memory Systems or to browse the collection of memory upgrades available, visit http://www.datamemorysystems.com


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