January 02, 2014
Can’t Afford the New Mac Pro? Upgrade Your Old Model to Pro Standards


Tech giants Apple have started shipping their brand new Mac Pro this week, but the price tag is not for the faint of heart. With a starting price of $2,499, and customizable options taking a maxed-out Mac Pro to almost $10,000, the brand new Apple product is for professional use rather than a home unit.


Not many domestic Mac users could find a way to make full use of a 12-core processor which can run at up to 3.9GHz, and graphics cards which deliver graphics up to eight times more detailed than previous Mac incarnations, but for many, this new update will have them itching to update their Apple product and turn it into the very best device it can be. For those that can’t justify splashing out on almost $10,000 for a brand new Apple Mac Pro, an Apple memory upgrade can be just as effective in turning a device into an efficient, practical and functional unit that fulfils every demand.


Justin Briere, of Data Memory Systems, one of the US’ premiere suppliers of Apple memory upgrades to both domestic and corporate clients, says, “The brand new Apple Mac Pro is quite astonishingly in its power and its extensive capabilities, but the price tag, even in the basic model, is way out of the range of most people who just want an everyday Mac product. For surfing the web, downloading movies, editing photos, playing video games and other everyday tasks, the new Mac Pro is surplus to requirements, and the best way to get the most out of a Mac product is to upgrade an existing one to its maximum capabilities.”


Upgrading Mac memory is a simple process that can be carried out with just a screwdriver and basic know-how of where the parts need to fit. General guidelines for Apple memory upgrades also dictate that memory should be installed in two equal sections; for example, if a Mac has two RAM memory slots which will accept a maximum of 8GB, the device will perform at a much higher level with 4GB of RAM in each slot, rather than 8GB in one or a combination of 6GB and 2GB across the two slots, and so on. All upgrades make a difference, too, so don’t go thinking that you need to splash out on 32GB of RAM memory; a simple addition of 2GB or 4GB will work as a substantial performance booster.


Once installed properly, the memory upgrade will have a dramatic effect on the performance levels of the computer. Start-up time will be reduced, programs running simultaneously and in the background will be faster and smoother, everyday tasks will be made quicker and easier, and there will be capacity to install further programs and really make the most of any Apple Mac product.


For more information about Apple memory and to browse the range today, visit http://www.datamemorysystems.com


About Data Memory Systems: The Data Memory Systems’ team wants to provide the best possible quality PC memory and Apple memory at the lowest prices. They offer great service and value for your money.  Whether you have a Dell, HP, Sony, IBM or Apple Mac system, they have the compatible memory for your device.

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