1GB DMS Certified Memory 200 Pin DDR2-667 PC2-5300 128x64 CL5 1.8V SODIMM
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DM50 1891GB DMS Certified Memory 200 Pin DDR2-667 PC2-5300 128x64 CL5 1.8V SODIMM$12.99
  • Size: 1GB
  • Speed: PC2-5300
  • Pins: 200-Pin SO-DIMM
  • ECC: Non-ECC
  • Memory Type: DDR2
  • Registered/Buffered: Unregistered/Unbuffered
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Amazon/Walmart Inventory:
Why DMS Certified?Lifetime Warranty
1GB DMS Certified Memory 200 Pin DDR2-667 PC2-5300 128x64 CL5 1.8V SODIMM

OEM Part Number Equivalence
AcerKN.1GB02.029, KN.1GB02.036, KN.1GB03.009, KN.1GB03.014, KN.1GB03.026, KN.1GB04.001, KN.1GB09.005, KN.1GB09.008, KN.1GB0B.005, KN.1GB0B.011, KN.1GB0B.014, KN.1GB0B.016, KN.1GB0E.003, KN.1GB0G.003, KN.1GB0G.012, KN.1GB0H.006, KN.1GB0M.001, KN.1GB0M.004, LC.DDR00.004, LC.DDR00.010, LC.DDR00.029, LC.DDR00.034, LC.DDR00.047, LC.DDR01.011
AppleMA346G/A, MA369G/A, MA751G/A, MA837G/A, MB089G/A, MB089G/B, MB320G/A, MB320G/B
ASUS04G001617619, 90-N61SD6600
Dell311-5696, 370-12224, 370-12251, 370-13745, 370-19592, A0612536, A0779670, A1461911, A1476470, A1488819, A1488878, A1544853, A1545056, A1545141, A1545484, A1545485, A1680888, A1683849, A1716328, A1716329, CPA-Y9530, CPA-Y9535, JP210, SNPDP904C/1G, SNPJRJMDC/1G, SNPY9530CK2/2G, UC331, Y9530, Y9530-RFB, Y9535, YD609
FujitsuFPCEM218AP, FPCEM310AP, FPCEM341AP, FPCEM350AP, FPCEM371AP, FPCEM409AP, FSP:260N00178, S26361-F2992-L114, S26391-F400-L310, S26391-F6120-L481, S26391-F668-L200, S26391-F681-L200, V26808-B7900-V550, V26808-B7900-V967
General Dynamics Itronix62-0637-001R, 62-0637-003R, IX270-02E
Hewlett-Packard409060-001, 395318-132, 395318-331, 395318-332, 395318-341, 395318-431, 395318-432, 395318-631, 395318-632, 395318-641, 395318-731, 395318-732, 395318-831, 395318-832, 395318-932, 395318-933, 395318-942, 406727-001, 409060-001, 414046-001, 417055-001, 418856-001, 431403-001, 432970-001, 441406-001, 441406-002, 448003-001, 448150-001, 449929-001, 450610-001, 451155-001, 451738-001, 452062-001, 454922-001, 462330-001, 485029-001, 485029-002, 485029-003, 485029-004, 498474-001, 537664-001, EM994AA, EM994AA#ABB, EM994AA#ABF, EM994AA#ABH, EM994AAR, EM994ET, EM994UT
Lenovo40Y7734, 41U4947, 41W2071, 43R1763, 43R1999, 43R2020, 51J0502
Lexmark 1025043
Packard Bell7417960000, A000490000
PanasonicCF-WMBA601G, CF-WMBA601GIS
SamsungAA-MM2DR26, AA-MM2DR26/E, M470T2864QZ3-CE6, M470T2953CZ0-CE600, M470T2953CZ3-CE6, M470T2953EZ3-CE6, SAM-AA-MM2DR26
ToshibaA000012650, A000014300, A000030660, K000048060, K000055340, P000482680, PA3512S-1M1G, PA3512U-1M1G, V000060990, V000063200, V000100440, V000101980

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Memory Upgrades and Storage Solutions for Apple and PC Devices from Data Memory Systems

Welcome to Data Memory Systems (DMS), your one stop shop for all your memory and storage needs. We offer the highest quality PC memory and Apple memory at the lowest prices. Whether you have a Dell, HP, Sony, IBM or Apple Mac system, we're sure we have the compatible computer memory or hard drive for your device. Buying more memory (RAM) for your computer is an inexpensive and easy alternative to buying a whole new computer system and gives your PC or Mac an instant boost in speed.

DMS has DDR, DDR2, DDR3, Dual Channel, SDRAM or even EDO memory upgrades built with the best memory components including Samsung, Micron or Hynix. These upgrades include Desktop Memory, Laptop Memory, Mac Memory and Server Memory. All of our computer memory upgrades are fully tested and qualified here in our memory test lab and backed by our lifetime replacement warranty. If you're unsure of what type of memory you need you can use our easy to use Memory Finder or call our knowledgeable sales team at 800-662-7466. Data Memory Systems has been specializing in memory upgrades for over 30 years.

DMS does not just carry RAM memory we also carry a full line of flash memory cards for digital devices. We have compact flash cards, secure digital cards, SDHC cards, microSDHC cards and more from Transcend, Wintec or Sandisk. These flash memory upgrades would include cell phone memory, smart phone memory, digital camera memory and camcorder memory to name a few.

Storage and hard drives is another big part of our upgrade business. A new hard drive or SSD drive can prolong the life of you computer the same way RAM memory can. We carry a large variety of internal and external storage solutions. The list includes SATA hard drives, PATA hard drives, IDE hard drives, notebook hard drives, desktop hard drives, server hard drives, RAID systems, network NAS drives and Solid State Drives. Whether you need a USB, Firewire or Ethernet drive DMS will have a drive for you. We carry only the best brands such as Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, Toshiba, Lacie and Transcend.

No matter what your computer upgrade needs are Data Memory Systems should be your first choice.

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