April 29, 2015
Human Brain-Inspired Computer Memory

Data Memory Systems always has its finger on the pulse of the latest developments in the world of computer memory – and this week the team have been intrigued by new developments coming out of Paris.

A team at Paris-Sud University have been working to develop a new technology for computer memory which has been inspired by the human brain itself – the world’s most powerful computer! The technology uses a similar mechanism to the brain, and can function with no power attached – plus, it’s faster than USB flash drives, or any form of CD memory retrieval.

The two main types of computer memory that are currently on the market store information as electrical charges. Volatile memory can retain data only while it has power running through it, while non-volatile doesn’t need power – but is much slower. The only other alternative right now is magnetic memory, but many expert believe it’s currently far too expensive to form a realistic option.

Luckily, the team in Paris appear to have an alternative. By using what’s known as a ‘magnetic transfer junction’ in the same way a brain might use a synapse, they discovered that data could potentially be stored after a number of repetitions. The example the team gave was that, when data is repeatedly fired at the magnetic transfer junction, ‘the system learns a new function: like the way the brain learns a new task’. Studies also now suggest that systems like this could actually perform cognitive tasks such as video analysis with less energy than conventional memory systems. 

Scientists in Paris will now look into developing this form of memory and testing it comprehensively to gauge its boundaries and its limitations. It’s not yet known whether this exciting progress will result in a tangible product hitting the market, but computer memory experts all over the world are excited by the prospect of building memory chips which mimic the actions and reactions of the powerful human brain.

While Data Memory Systems doesn’t yet have access to human-brain inspired memory solutions, their comprehensive range offers a cutting-edge selection of memory modules from the top end of the market. Priced competitively and with a range of quality guarantees and warranties in place, customers can rest assured that they’re getting the best possible memory upgrades for their money – even if they’re not yet quite as high-power as the human brain!

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