March 18, 2015
Magnetic Memory Makes For a Faster and More Efficient Future for Data Storage

NYU Physics is at the brink of a technological revolution, with the latest research into magnetic memory unveiling faster, cheaper and more efficient ways to store data. For the semiconductor industry, the advancement could reshape the face of devices and offer consumers more speed, power and efficiency than ever before.

A spokesman from Data Memory Systems, the USA’s leading electronic components and memory modules retailer said, “The development of magnetic memory is an incredibly exciting step forward for the technology sphere and could mean some big improvements for its associated industries. Customers who can’t wait to get their hands on the next generation technology can rest assured DMS has its finger on the pulse of magnetic memory and will be stocking products as soon as they hit the consumer market.” 

Disclosed in the Nature Nanotechnology journal, the report was titled “A new spin on magnetic memories" and explored the potential of spin-transfer-torque magnetic random access memory (STT-MRAM). Together Professor Andrew Kent of NYU Physics and colleague Daniel Worledge of the IBM Watson Research Center introduce the new technology and discuss its exciting potential for the semiconductor industry.

As the name suggests, STT-MRAM is dependent on magnetism. Yet unlike hard drives, information is written, processed and read electronically. Thanks to the lack of moving parts, STT-MRAM is able to perform much faster than its magnetic hard drive counterparts. In fact, the technology is so efficient that it’s on par with the fastest semiconductor based random access memory solutions. This makes it ideal for use as a working memory solution for both computers and portable devices such as smartphones. In turn, this would enhance the performance of any STT-MRAM equipped device while significantly cutting down on the amount of energy needed to power operations. Not only does this mean less charge time and eco-friendly credentials but users will also enjoy extended battery life.

Magnetic memory technology is incredibly promising yet Kent and Worledge maintain that a number of “technological challenges must be met before STT-MRAM can be widely adopted in the most advanced applications.” Increased storage capacity is one of the major issues to address, an advancement that would equip STT-MRAM with the aptitude to take on industrial sized workloads.

While STT-MRAM may not hit Data Memory System shelves for another few years, technology buffs can rest assured that when it is released, the leading US retailer will be one of the first to stock consumer ready products. In the meantime, customers can rely on Data Memory Systems for a comprehensive range of high quality components. From Apple exclusive memory, PC upgrades, RAM, flash, USB drives, batteries and more, the online store is stocked with all the biggest brands, at the lowest industry prices.

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