July 10, 2015
Mars Rover Shuns Flash Memory – Reverts to RAM For Foreseeable Future

As the ageing Mars Rover experiences glitches due to its outdated flash memory, Data Memory Systems seeks to reassure computer users and customers that flash memory is still one of the most reliable computer storage solutions around.

Opportunity is currently relying on RAM memory, and rather than storing data and sending it home whenever appropriate, it uploads its findings every day. One expert likened the situation to bringing food home from an all-you-can-eat buffet. You might want to put it in the fridge and save some for later – but with a broken refrigerator, you’re faced with having to eat it all at once. In this analogy, the refrigerator is the flash memory – without it, the data has to be sent immediately rather than stored. The outcome is the same – all the food gets eaten eventually – but the method of storage is slightly different.

But the flash memory contained within Opportunity is more than a decade old – it’s an outdated form, and any tech which is so aged is always vulnerable to malfunctions or glitches. The flash memory that we use in laptops, smartphones and other devices today is far more reliable, and unlikely to experience the same problems as the memory onboard the Mars Rover.

A spokesman for Data Memory Systems, one of the US’ leading providers of computer memory, says, “The problems facing the Mars Rover don’t reflect badly on flash memory as a whole. It still remains one of the fastest and most effective ways to store things on a laptop or smartphone! It’s a shame that the memory on board Opportunity is failing, but it can be expected after more than ten years with no maintenance carried out.”

“The spokesman adds, “It’s a good job the team at NASA equipped the Mars Rover with more than enough RAM memory to carry out the task!”

RAM and flash memory often work in tandem to boost speed and performance in laptops and computers. RAM memory is much faster than flash memory, but flash memory can store data without the need for power – the two methods complement each other perfectly, which is why they’re paired together so often. By installing more RAM memory on a computer, and by ensuring that important data is backed up onto a flash drive, rather than stored on a computer, users can enjoy very high levels of performance – some which would put the Mars Rover to shame!

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