August 02, 2013
MCS (Memory Channel Storage) To Revolutionise Enterprise Computer Memory


Diablo Technology this week announced a brand new storage and computer memory solution that aims to dramatically speed up access to data, in what could be the next significant step in the quest for the perfect computer memory. The new Memory Channel Storage, also known as MCS, allow flash storage components to plug into the channel which is currently used to connect CPUs with memory. This greatly decreases data-access delays, allowing enterprises the fast access to data that they need. Big data analytics organisations, databases and virtual desktops will all benefit from the innovation, which is said to reduce latencies by more than 85% in comparison with SSDs.


The flash components which are used can also be used as memory, making it far more cost-effectively to boost servers with terabytes of much-needed memory. It is said that using the CPU connection offers system designers to increase the amount of flash in a certain server without worrying about decreased performance or diminishing returns. A second MCS card would allow computers to function at double their usual performance level, in stark contrast to an SSD, where installing a second unit would have no effect.


Bits are said to move faster over the link between the flash memory and the CPU. The connection was specifically designed to be used by many different DIMMs alongside one another, so there are no bottlenecks as components attempt to hog the bus. Flash is far more cost-effective than RAM for businesses; and it shows in the capacity figures. MCS components will be manufactured in 200GB and 400GB sizes; a world away from the typical 32GB memory that usually fits into DIMM slots. 


The manufacturers of the innovative new breakthrough have said that their creation is not intended for consumers or small enterprises; the vast amounts of data which will be transferred at any given time will be most appropriate for huge corporations, enterprises, databases and other environments where many thousands of megabytes are processed every second.


The first MCS models are expected to ship this year, and will be well on their way to revolutionizing the computer memory industry within around twelve months. It is said that in order to align them with the system’s processes, a simple line of code in the network’s BIOS will suffice, making them one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to offer a great deal more memory and a high level of performance for enterprises and large databases.


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