September 24, 2010
Identifying the correct Apple Memory for your machine

If you're a Mac owner and need or want to upgrade your Apple memory, it's easier than you think. So many of us assume that certain tasks to do with our computers are going to be hugely complicated, and we end up either forking out for professional help or not bothering at all and making do with a system we're not happy with. When it comes to selecting and installing Apple memory, it really is very simple, and you can easily identify the kit you need in just a few simple steps.

If you don't know what Apple Mac model your computer is, or indeed what kind of memory it needs, you can find out in no time. Your System Profile will give you all the information you need, and is accessible via the Apple menu. As well as allowing you to identify the type of Apple memory you need for the upgrade, this will let you see how much memory your system currently has, which of course gives you an idea what you're going to need if you did want to increase it.

Find out what you're after
If you're nervous about upgrading your Apple computer's memory, follow these simple steps for a problem free diagonis…

1. Open the Apple menu, then select About This Mac. The About This Mac window should then open.
2. Choose the More Info button. The System Profile screen should then be presented to you, through which you can access your machine's Hardware Overview.
3. The Hardware Overview gives you the necessary information to use the DMS Apple Memory FInder. The information you need will include the computer's model, CPU (both type and speed) and the machine's total memory capacity.
4. Click Memory in the left hand side Contents section. At this point the Memory Slot information should open up. You should be able to see your computer's current memory configuration here. The information should help to work out which slots have been filled with which type of memory. It should also allow you to see how many of your computer's slots are still available for new DMS Certified memory to be installed.

To see your options for purchasing new memory for your Apple Mac once you've identified what it can accommodate, check out the Apple Memory upgrade section from the Data Memory Systems main menu. Here you can view the details of memory suited to a host of different Apple devices and computers. Once you've found the type of memory you need, scroll through the list that appears to identify which option you want to go for. The details and prices for each type of memory are laid out clearly, and if you'd like to go ahead and purchase one simply choose Buy to add to cart.

Data Memory Systems offers an unbeatable range of computer memory upgrades and products not only for Apple products but for PCs too. Our product range also includes a host of storage solutions, allowing you to get the most out of your computers and digital devices for an excellent value. Visit for more information.

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