August 30, 2011
A Hard Drive Made From Glass?

Research undertaken at Southampton University has discovered that using lasers to reposition atoms in pieces of glass can create a new form of computer storage. The brand new and extremely innovative glass data storage is thought to be more resilient and hardwearing than the storage devices currently used in computers, which is fragile and susceptible to damage from factors such as moisture and high temperatures. At present, computer drives can become corrupted, but the new findings point to a method of storing data without these risks. The concept has been compared to a famous scene from the Superman movie 'Fortress of Solitude', where video messages are saved onto a 'memory crystal' and played back at will.

The revolutionary technique works by putting tiny holes called 'voxels' (scientists describe this as the 3D version of a 'pixel') into pure silica glass, changing the way the light is directed through it. The device redirects light into 'whirlpools' which can then be read and accessed in a way comparable to the way we currently read optical fibres. The shards of glass can be read, accessed and written over an unlimited amount of times without the danger of a corruption within a file.

This new futuristic approach is also a great space-saver, with the glass shards currently able to hold up to 50GB of data - the equivalent of a full Blu-ray disc - on a piece of glass the size of a mobile phone screen. As well as saving space, the design can significantly prolong the lifespan of ordinary computer data storage device. Even in this modern age we live in, we are lucky to get a few decades of use out of our storage devices, but the new concept could see the glass data retention devices being constantly used and written over for thousands of years. With those in the medical industry stating that the method could dramatically lower the cost of medical imaging, and museums and large companies also enthusiastic about having a more reliable way to store their huge archives of information, it would not be an overstatement to say that this development will almost certainly revolutionise the way we store data in the future.

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