May 12, 2011
Scientific Breakthrough May Herald Vast Advances In Computer Memory & Storage

A recent scientific breakthrough in computer memory research could soon lead to consumers enjoying quicker, more sophisticated and more environmentally friendly computers.

Recently selected 2011 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow at the University of Houston (UH), Vassiliy Lubchenko, won his third Tier One research award for his investigations into the building blocks for next-generation computer memory. The university's assistant professor of chemistry won his recognition as a result of his studies of amorphous semiconductors for their applications in phase change computer memory, which has been suggested as a potential successor to flash memory.

The combination of computational modeling and analytical theories that is used in Lubchenko's technique has led to the discovery that it is possible to control the reflectivity and conductivity of phase-change materials, and therefore encode information. This can be accomplished by varying the speed at which a melted material cools and forcing it to turn into a glassy solid or crystallized form.

Lubchenko added that glass transition was one of the most important, yet most poorly understood branches of modern physical chemistry, with the many unique anomalies exhibited by semiconductor glasses having spent decades baffling researchers. Lubchenko's research has allowed scientists to make sense of this apparent disorder and instead confidently attribute such anomalies to the way the solids form from their corresponding liquids.

There are a number of ways in which Lubchenko's discoveries look set to impact on consumers of computer memory. Phase change memory is a type of non-volatile memory that is between 500 and 1,000 times more powerful than the presently commonplace flash memory, in addition to using barely half as much power. Phase change memory makes use of a semiconductor alloy that can be rapidly switched between an ordered, crystalline phase which has low electrical resistance to an amorphous phase, which is disordered and has a far greater electrical resistance. Neither phase of the material requires electrical power to be maintained, making it non-volatile.

Thanks to such scientific breakthroughs, then, consumers may soon be in a position to look forward to machines that are not only quicker but that also boast more Apple memory and PC memory. They are also friendlier to the environment than the presently available flash memory systems. Phase change memory has been pioneered by such big names in computer memory as Samsung and Intel. It is also thought to be more cost-effective and reliable than flash memory, with many experts having predicted that it could accelerate the transition of the data storage market from hard disk drives to solid state disk drives.

Lubchenko's breakthrough research means that the many benefits of phase change memory, including fast read speed, fast write/erase speed and good scalability could be set to make more frequent appearances in a wide range of both office and domestic environments.

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