January 16, 2012
Smallest Ever Computer Memory Bursts Into Life

We're all used to seeing things like cell phones and laptops getting ever smaller but now computer memory is threatening to take the miniaturization crown as the world's smallest ever chip is unveiled.

Developed by a team of scientists at IBM, the chip uses just 12 iron atoms - impressive when you consider that bits normally require at least half a billion atoms to function. Potentially signaling a whole new generation of PC memory waiting in the wings, the chip was made by keeping the atoms incredibly cold. The degree of coldness would not be possible to replicate outside the lab in a user-friendly environment but, the IBM team estimate it could be achieved at room temperature using 150 atoms.

While atom technology is still relatively new when it comes to computer memory usage, IBM say that atomic memory could lead to a 100x denser hard disk technology than what is currently available.

The atomic memory chip breakthrough is the first real leap forwards for computer memory technology in 2012 but follows on from a series of firsts recorded in 2011 - the first ultra quick green computer memory developed by a team of researchers at North Carolina State University, a cube DRAM chip, and a PCM memory breakthrough based on cloud computing principles which can also be credited to IBM.

With each breakthrough and first, commercial memory upgrades get better and better, benefiting from the scientific research poured into pushing the frontiers of computing. Thanks to all of the hours spent in the lab by world-class scientists, PC memory upgrades and Apple memory upgrades for home and office computers are now better, faster and cheaper than ever.

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