February 02, 2012
US Developers Pioneer Future Of Computer Memory

Developers in North Carolina are researching a new form of computer memory which could eventually lead to faster-starting, more user-friendly computers. The "unified" memory device is being developed at North Carolina State University, and involves taking the advantages from the two most common types of memory and attempting to combine them. The team believes it could form the foundation of a computer which starts immediately.

In their current state, computers rely on two forms of memory: volatile and non-volatile. An example of volatile memory is RAM memory, which stores data in a way that can be read and written quickly and easily but loses the data when the power is switched off. RAM is the area used to store programs which are running. Non-volatile technology is the opposite. It comes in forms such as the USB dongle and flash memory cards; these devices are able to store information for long periods of time without any power source, but they take a little longer to access as the data written to them is slightly more permanent than the data written to RAM memory. The pioneering memory device created by Dr Paul Franzon is attempting to combine the speed of RAM, whilst being able to switch to a more permanent and persistent method of storing data.

In technical terms, the device is known as a double floating-gate field effect transistor. Dr Franzon has found a way to store the data as a charge, with a special control gate to enable the data which has been stored there to be accessed much more quickly. The memory devices of today use a single gate, but adding another has meant that transfers can reach speeds of 15 nanoseconds - comparable to RAM speeds.

The device could form the basis of light-speed computers for decades to come but is still undergoing testing at the moment. Data Memory Systems, a foremost US supplier of PC and Apple memory solutions, have a huge selection of memory upgrades to keep computers at their fastest speeds whilst consumers wait for these rapid start-up times. From flash drives to external hard drives, from memory cards to USB drives, Data Memory Systems has everything any business or individual could want in regards to the state of their computer memory, and all at convenient, low prices.

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