May 03, 2012
Back Up Files Efficiently With Data Memory Systems

A survey has discovered that 60% of companies don't have any funds set aside in their budget to allow for efficient data backup plans on their work computers. With vital information and sensitive documents on almost all computers in the workplace, it is crucial that they are backed up regularly, and in the correct way, yet the survey showed that of the people who regularly back up, one in ten of them resort to emailing themselves copies of important documents. This can be a long, drawn out process, and while email inboxes can be accessed from anywhere, it is not an efficient or productive way of backing up files.

There is still confusion over the best ways for companies to back up their data, but the most popular examples are the external hard drive and the USB stick. Data Memory Systems is a premier US provider of reliable PC and Apple memory solutions, and can help both companies and individuals increase security and stop wasting time by emailing themselves important data.

External hard drives are a great way to back up information, and plenty of them come with one-touch backup these days. Once they're configured, all these handy drives need to function is a power source; when they're plugged in, they will backup the chosen files automatically. They come with absolutely no software to install and are fully automated, ensuring minimal fuss and maximum results. The 2TB Transcend StoreJet® 35T External Hard Drive is a great example of a drive which fulfils and exceeds all expectations from external computer memory. With password protection, super-fast writing times and high energy efficiency, the extra-large storage system is ideal for backing up crucial files and sensitive information.

USB sticks are also a very popular way of backing up information. Their conventionally smaller capacity means they generally can't hold quite as much information as an external hard drive, but their portability is a key factor here. For those travelling to meetings or conferences, the convenience a pocket-sized computer memory storage gadget brings can prove to be incredibly valuable. The JetFlash™ 4GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive comes with a lifetime guarantee and high transfer rates, offering optimum reliability while never compromising on speed or quality. No power source is needed; these drives function fully from a USB port, and with handy functions such as an LED reflecting usage status and a PC-Lock option, they are now a staple of both office and everyday life for many.

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About Data Memory Systems: The Data Memory Systems' team wants to provide the best possible quality PC memory and Apple memory at the lowest prices. They offer great service and value for your money. Whether you have a Dell, HP, Sony, IBM or Apple Mac system, they have the compatible memory for your device.

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