November 01, 2012
Apple Launch New iMac and Mac Mini

As well as delivering the highly-anticipated iPad Mini at a launch event last week, Apple has also announced updates to their Mac Mini and iMac ranges which should please those who had been seeking more computer memory options for their existing Apple products. Complaints recently made about the recently revamped Macbook Pro stated that many consumers were unhappy about the non-upgradable memory within the systems, prompting Apple to reconsider memory options across their other devices.

The Mac Mini, which has long since been hailed as the most compact desktop computer available to buy, features improvements ranging from performances to extra USB 3.0 ports, but one of the more pleasing upgrades was the shift from the old 2GB memory to 4GB. Doubling the RAM memory in this way means that the operating system will run much more smoothly, with multitasking made far easier and faster. The Mac Mini is noted for being compact without compromising on power, and this new update runs at speeds of up to twice as fast whilst maintaining its portability. For those who find that 4GB of memory is insufficient, the Mac Minis are also easily upgradable.

Since their inception, iMacs have gone through strength to strength, emerging from each redesign more powerful than ever. This new update is no exception; as well as a slimmer build, improved optical quality, 60% faster graphics, a HD camera, four USB 3.0 ports and two Thunderbolt ports, the iMac's capacity for Apple memory upgrades has also been vastly upgraded. The 21-inch iMac have two RAM slots and support up to 16GB of RAM, and the 27-inch iMacs now have four RAM slots, with a total potential memory allocation of 32GB, doubling their previous amount (both models start out with 8GB of RAM, but the larger model has the capacity to upgrade further).

One of the most exciting Apple memory solutions to launch in previous years, though, is the Fusion Drive, which uses flash memory like the memory found on the iPad to improve hard disk access speeds. SSDs (solid-state drives) often offer higher levels of performance on other devices, but with their storage space compromised; the Fusion Drive solves this issue by pairing a smaller SSD with a hard disk equal to or larger than 1TB. The operating system and the core apps which run on every Apple system are preloaded onto this new, faster SSD, and the intelligent drive even adds the 'most-used' apps to its storage too, to ensure their access times are the fastest possible.

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