November 11, 2012
Windows 8 Launches; DRAM Sales Set To Stall

In the past, the launch of brand new PC operating systems, especially those from Microsoft, have generated a surge in quarterly DRAM shipments and created huge demand for higher-performance memory and hardware. Windows 2000 famously sent computer memory demand soaring by almost 50%, and double-digit jump in revenues are generally expected whenever Microsoft posts a major update. But with the brand new Windows 8 moving away from conventional computer memory options and streamlining their hard drives, the market has seen a dip in sales, for the second time in a row when a new version of Windows has been released.

The leaner memory requirements for Windows 8 have indicated that shipments of RAM memory and other hardware will not significantly increase in the last quarter of 2012; a rarity considering it is the quarter leading up to the traditionally frenetic Christmas season. Predictions of a boost of just 8% will see the smallest DRAM increase in recent years. The trend is no new phenomenon; it actually commenced with Windows 7. Its predecessor, Windows Vista, was infamously resource-hungry, and with the introduction of Windows 7 and 8, Microsoft took the decision to reduce their operating systems' reliance on DRAM.

The gradual slowing in demand for DRAM might not be great for the industry as a whole, but consumers can currently take advantage of incredible deals on PC memory upgrades. What has turned out to be a huge oversupply during the past two years has meant that the demand, and therefore the prices, for basic memory solutions are now lower than ever before. 4GB of computer memory is now available for around $16 - $20, meaning that anyone who does wish to upgrade a system in preparation for Windows 8, or upgrade purely because they'd like a higher-performing unit, can do so much more cost-effectively.

As gloomy as the figures for the future of DRAM in PCs appear to be, there is an area of the memory market which might benefit Windows 8. Flash memory is an aspect of storage which might see something of a boost, as a direct result of the new Windows To Go option, which allows users to boot up and run Windows 8 from a flash drive. Able to run on both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connections, Windows To Go is a revolution for companies, travellers and those working from home, and the market for USB storage devices might well receive a welcome boost as a result of the launch.

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