January 12, 2013
Apple vs Samsung Looks Set To Continue

Samsung has this year announced plans to target the Chinese market, as well as other smartphone manufacturers, in an effort to bulk up their orders after losing out to their main competitor, Apple. The company, based in South Korea, is among the world's largest suppliers of mobile processors, which power their own range of Samsung tablets and smartphones, but powered the memory and other components behind iPads and iPhones until very recently. A huge dispute over patents, which has seen numerous high-profile court cases hit the news, has seen Apple start to lessen their reliance on Samsung products, including memory chips and display screens for handheld devices.

The strange situation saw Samsung's biggest rival become its biggest customer. It saw them collaborate on some of the most successful handheld devices in recent years with both of their products accounting for more than half of the global smartphone market. Indeed, statistics show Samsung has outsold Apple in every quarter except those in which Apple launched a new product, except for the recent iPhone 5 when, despite the often fever-pitch excitement which comes with an Apple product launch, Samsung managed to sell more units in the last quarter of 2012.

However concerns have arisen among many experts that Samsung, which also produces computer memory and a variety of electronic devices such as cameras and televisions, may now see revenues fall as Apple withdraws their demands. Stephen Woo, the president of Samsung's System LSI business, has stated that bolstering their key relationships with chipmakers and clients in China will be a vital aspect of staying ahead of the curve. Diversifying their customer base rather than relying on one huge client which could withdraw its demands entirely at any time is an important step towards ensuring Samsung's dominance in the market.

Samsung is also looking towards their IT systems in order to face down the challenges of remaining a market leader. Their PC memory devices can deliver substantial gains for the brand, their green memory solutions are able to operate rapidly while running at a much lower electricity percentage, while advanced DRAM and solid-state drives address company needs for powerful processing capabilities. Samsung is also looking towards taking the technology used in creating the screen used for iPod and iPad devices and implementing them within their range of LCD television, which consistently sell well. Improving in other areas will make Samsung a stronger business overall, but the conflict between Apple and Samsung, once collaborators and now on rocky ground, looks set to rumble on.

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