March 15, 2013
Revitalize a Family PC With A Memory Upgrade

The onus in the digital technology market right now is firmly on handheld devices; smartphones and tablet computers are an ever-expanding market and with a raft of new ultrabooks hitting the shelves, everyone wants a sleek and compact portable unit to make their life easier. But despite the soaring popularity of these devices, many still consider it essential to have a powerful home unit, with plenty of memory and a fast operating speed. The home PC is still a stalwart in many families, and with multiple users making use of the desktop computer throughout the day, it is more important than ever for the computer memory to be sufficient.


With Mom doing the online shopping, Dad checking his stocks and the kids doing their homework and browsing their social network pages, the home PC has to be multifunctional and have enough RAM memory for everyone to carry out their respective tasks with ease. If the computer is an old model, and there is not enough value to be found in the market to purchase an entirely new PC, upgrading the memory and the hard-drive is a great way to revitalize a flagging computer.


RAM memory is the temporary memory which dictates the ability of a computer when it is active and being used. Increasing RAM is considered to be the most effective and cheapest computer upgrade that can be made, with even a 2GB upgrade substantially enhancing a desktop PC’s performance. The optimum about of RAM for a family computer would be around 4GB, but 8GB would create a super-fast unit which would carry out all tasks easily and still have room for occasional gaming, streaming content or large volume downloads.


While RAM provides a helpful enhancement, upgrading the hard drive to a solid-state drive is also a very effective way to revive an old machine. The speed will dramatically increase and the computer will feel as close to new as possible without actually purchasing a brand new unit. Solid-state drives, or SSDs, have no moving parts like the traditional hard drives, and so they can read and write data much faster. The lack of moving parts also means that the performance level of the drive is less likely to decrease over time; a common problem with traditional hard drives and one of the elements which may have led to an upgrade in the first place.


Other ways to completely upgrade a family unit are more basic. An overhaul of outdated antivirus systems will benefit a computer to no end, as well as assessing which space-consuming programs are no longer in use. Basic maintenance of the whole unit will free up extra space and allow the new components of PC memory to function to their highest potential. 


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