November 01, 2013
Why Should You Invest in An External Hard Drive? Data Memory Systems Investigates


One of the US’ foremost computer memory suppliers is urging more people to invest in an external hard drive, as it is revealed that 54% of US adults personally know someone who has lost important data thanks to a computer crash or terminal error. Both desktop and laptop computers now have huge amounts of memory and can produce staggering amounts of data every day, and the experts at Data Memory Systems are urging people to protect this data and back it up with an external hard drive.


Justin Briere, of Data Memory Systems, whose range of PC and Apple memory products is one of the most comprehensive on the net, says, “The prices of hard drives and SSDs have been falling for a while, and this has turned external hard drive into a luxury for those who produce huge amounts of data, to a necessity for even the smallest family computers. Whether they are storing downloaded movies to take to their friends’ house, or backing up some of the most important documents they will ever create, we are urging everyone to invest in an external hard drive, to offer them a safe and separate place where their most precious files can be kept.”


Back-ups are one of the most important tasks to remember to do on a computer. Errors, corrupt files and general computer crashes can occur at any second, and if the computer won’t restart, the files could be lost forever. Many people have lost years of photos, thesis papers, important invoices and tax documents, as well as treasured memories of chat logs and bookmarked websites that took years to compile. Having all of this information stored on an external hard drive means never having to worry about an error taking down your entire system.


The benefits of the external hard drive don’t just end at its back-up capabilities. One of the main benefits of the external hard drive is its portability. They are generally small and light, and can be carried easily from one place to another in transit. They can be taken to the office, over to a friends’ house, or even away on a business trip, and they can be linked up through USB cables, which are commonplace. All computers and laptops nowadays have USB ports, so your files can be accessed pretty much anywhere.


External hard drives also help to free up capacity on your regular computers or laptops. These can often get crammed full of software, important documents, photos from vacations and huge internet browsing histories, so removing a large portion of the files saved to the hard drive and placing them on the external drive can help to keep the computer relatively clutter-free in terms of data; a must for those dealing in huge amounts of files.


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