February 08, 2013
World’s First 1TB USB Drive Is Announced

The announcement in recent weeks of the world's first terabyte USB flash memory device has broken boundaries for portable flash storage. Kingston revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show last month that they had created a 1TB USB 3.0 flash drive which could transfer huge volumes of files quickly from device to device. The USB drive has the largest capacity of any portable device ever created, and is one of the fastest drives of its kind to hit the market.

However, the price is set to disappoint many. Recommended retail price is yet to be confirmed, but with a recent 512GB model retailing at $1750, conservative estimates have the 1TB device at around $3000 when it is released later this year. This could end up limiting the market for such a device to experts, professionals and niche users who have a command of such huge computer memory capacities as part of their everyday work. Graphic artists, video editors and others in similar industries will now be able to carry around vast amounts of data within a device small enough to fit within a pocket. Even casual users with large budgets would be able to transfer HD movies within seconds.

The read/write speeds of the device are up to 240MB and 160MB per second, sometimes surpassing those possible with SSD computer memory. It would be possible for casual computer users to back up their entire notebook onto a tiny device within seconds. The cost of flash memory is dropping by the quarter, with more affordable and higher capacity storage devices hitting the market all the time. Devices like Kingston's 1TB USB drive could pave the way for competitors to create similar models and force the prices down, ending up with everyone being able to access the incredible PC memory offered by this type of flash device.

With such a vast amount of vital information stored on it, the USB device also has impressive protective features. A zinc alloy metal provides a shock-resistant casing which will prevent disasters in pockets, underfoot or in luggage. The matte metallic finish is stylish without being industrial, and the sliding design makes access to ports simple.

Flash memory is known as one of the most reliable forms of memory, especially for those working on shared or networked computers who have security worries or issues. Cloud storage is also a popular, and often free, method of storing data, but with dependability issues on many serves, they are a much less viable way for professionals to store large volumes of audio, text or video.

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